This is a one day workshop in which you’ll experience Meditation. You will be taken through a sacred Reiki ritual where you will receive four energy attunements - shifts of energy within yourself for empowerment. You’ll be shown hands-on healing placements and experience both giving and receiving Reiki. You’ll be given a Sanskrit symbol and shown how to use it to transform negativity. You’ll be shown how to heal yourself; and you’ll be introduced to your Reiki spirit guide. You’ll learn the history of Reiki and more. Reiki heightens all your senses including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentient.

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This is a two day workshop and you will experience:- Meditation, you will be taken through a sacred Reiki ritual which you will receive two energy attunements, you’ll be given three more Sanskrit symbols, learn where and when to use them, how to cleanse and bless your home, healing room etc. experience distance/absent healing, be shown a way of healing yourself in the past, the present and the future. Shown how to use these tools to heal your inner child, to clear and balance the Chakras, experience cleaning and programming a crystal, experience a connection with your Reiki guide/guides and more.

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Reiki Master. You will be drawn to this workshop when the time is right. It seems to be put in front of you when you need to honour yourself, to look at how far you have come, and to acknowledge that you can, are or will be master of your own thoughts, emotions and actions. You will receive a Reiki Master attunement and learn another Sanskrit symbol. In this workshop there is a great deal of paperwork to get through in preparation for when you begin to teach your own workshops. Once you have completed this workshop, you will be invited to help out at my Reiki workshops, you will begin to attune students and experience all that goes on behind the scenes. This will continue until you feel confident enough to run your own.

On completion of all workshops you will receive a Reiki Certificate.

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My mission is to psychically examine your physical life or situation and help you to step back a little and see if from a different perspective. This will give you answers to those questions.... Within the hour session you will understand so much more about your life & why certain situations continue to keep happening.

This can be in relationships, maters of the heart, money matters, business & direction, anxiety which is when the spirit is too far out of the body, depression which is when the spirit is too deep within the emotional body & much more.