Inner peace and harmony

Our soul is born pure of light. Then with life experiences the soul absorbs energy patterns from others around us and the environments we exist in. This is happening right from the moment of conception, unknown to us at that time.

By tuning into your patterns with my guides & angels you will be given a much clearer understanding of why you attract the relationships you do (being positive & negative ones). Or maybe you find yourself in the same situation again and again …. or and are looking for another doorway to walk through.

My job is to make it clear to you what that energy is and offer you another way to look at your life: to look through the eyes of your soul; to give you a spiritual foundation from your soul; to impart the reason why you're here, your lessons, and your journey. Then you can continue your journey knowing more about what and who your really are.

Soul interpretation will enable various down-to-earth energy techniques that will help keep inner balance and a centred state of being. Through soul interpretation, these patterns on your soul, once brought to your attention, can be changed. This is the part of the journey where you begin to experience self-love, to care for yourself more than or equally as you do another.

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