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* The Power of Energy

Makeover on the inside leads to a makeover on the outside

Come with me on a spiritual journey within and discover and learn about the energy of your Soul. Find your levels of truth and you'll understand why you do what you do. You will learn the power of your energy, how to use it in a positive way to enhance your physical life and how to make changes so you can attract and manifest your desires.

The Power of Energy Workshop will bring to your awareness energies from the past that may have impacted your soul. Using this knowledge and together being guided deep within, you will make significant changes to how you feel & progress towards finding peace within. For some this will manifest as stronger personal power and others a softer receptive self. Here are some of the key areas that will be touched on:

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  • Go to deep levels of meditation with hypnosis techniques.
  • Learn about the role your Soul and Spirit play in your life.
  • Understand why the same situations keep popping up in your life and how to make changes so a different outcome can be experienced.
  • Learn how the Masculine and Feminine energy within, once it’s understood, can change your life. Experience different positions in the auric field and learn how it can stress, empower or dis-empower your life.
  • Learn about the RELATIONSHIP ENERGY DANCE we all participate in. Once understood this enables you to take charge of your life. You will understand yours and other people’s boundaries & know what to do or not do. Very exciting it changes the board game.
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Psychic Development and Spiritual Awareness
Connect with your Guides & Angels and trust the energy that comes through.

You will experience their existence, what they look like, a name to call them by and begin the journey of working with them. You will become aware of your unique way of receiving messages, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience or Clairsentance.

In time you will learn to trust their guidance: anything from prompting you to find a Hollywood parking bay to a deep inner trust and faith about a life choice. You will also learn how to read messages by holding a person’s piece of jewellery, listening to a flower, reading angel cards, picking up the energy of a photo, seeing auras and more.

You will learn how powerful your auric field is and how to use your energy with ease, instead of going against it and trying to hard. It’s a great opportunity to realise how easy it is when you’re with a group of likeminded souls. You are being guided every step of the way, learn how to read and interpret that guidance.

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* Reiki I, II and III

A Certificate is given with every Reiki Workshop.

Reiki heals you, while healing others. I am a Reiki Master and have been teaching Reiki since 1997. The essence of who I am flows through all my workshops, at which you will connect with your Reiki guide.

Treatment – 1 Hour Session

I am a Reiki Master and have been teaching Reiki since 1997. The essence of who I am flows through all my workshops.

* Other offerings include:

  • Various seminars on the Soul and Energy
  • Meditation groups
  • Spiritual readings
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